New rental investment

ClientOrlex MG

I was responsible for creating promotional materials for a new investment by a prominent developer in the Tricity area of Poland. Orlex MG expanded into the short-term rental market and designated several buildings for this purpose. My task included taking photos that are used for marketing purposes, and their quality is suitable for large-format printing.

When Orlex MG decided to expand into the short-term rental market, I knew it would require a wide range of high-quality photographs. In addition to aerial photography, where I captured the entire investment from a bird’s eye view, I also took professional portraits of the company’s employees and officials. Furthermore, I used my skills in the street and urban photography to capture nearby attractions, which helped promote the location of the investment. By applying various photographic techniques, I was able to create a cohesive and engaging visual narrative that helped effectively promote the Orlex MG project.

Aerial photography is a powerful tool for capturing a unique perspective from above. By using a drone, I was able to showcase the entire Orlex MG investment from a bird’s-eye view, which resulted in stunning visual effects. I made sure to capture various aspects of the development, from the residential buildings to the surrounding green areas and infrastructure. This approach created a cohesive material that perfectly fit the client’s vision. The aerial photographs not only captured the scope of the development but also provided a comprehensive view of the surrounding area, which helped potential renters visualize what it would be like to live there.


4 months



In interior photography, a wide-angle lens is crucial in order to capture the full potential of the space. This technique not only maximizes the captured area but also brings out the details of the room and enhances the overall composition of the image. To achieve the best results, I often use High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology.

HDR allows multiple photos taken at varying exposures to be combined, resulting in a wider range of detail captured in both bright and dark areas of the image. When taking interior photos, combining multiple HDR photos taken with different exposure settings produces an image that accurately represents the entirety of the space. This technique captures the full spectrum of colours and lights present in the room, resulting in interior photographs of the highest quality.

Orlex also asked me to take photographs of local attractions, architecture, streets, and nature to effectively promote their short-term rentals on social media. The photos will showcase the beauty of the surrounding area and encourage potential renters to explore the location. By highlighting the unique features of the neighbourhood through visually appealing images, the company hopes to attract more guests and boost their business.

In addition to using a wide-angle lens, capturing details is equally important in interior photography as they evoke emotions and highlight the most interesting features of the room. Details such as decorations, furniture arrangements, or accessories are crucial in conveying the atmosphere and style of the space. It is through such details that the interior comes to life and becomes more accessible to potential clients.

Detail shots are also more natural for the human eye, which influences a positive perception of the space. They allow clients to better imagine what the room will look like and what emotions it will evoke. Moreover, capturing details allows for a better presentation of unique features of the space, which can attract the attention of clients interested in such specifics.

It is important to balance detail shots with wide-angle shots to create a coherent and interesting visual narrative. This way, clients will receive a full picture of the space and feel encouraged to rent or buy it. Thus, using both wide-angle and detail shots allows for creating a comprehensive and attractive presentation of the property, which translates into success in sales or rental.

With the aim of building a stronger relationship with potential clients, I arranged a captivating photo shoot featuring Angelika, the representative of Orlex. We chose one of the short-term rental buildings as our location and worked on capturing dynamic portraits that showcased Angelika’s passion for the project. In addition to traditional headshots, we also incorporated action shots that highlighted her expertise and experience in the field. The resulting photos have been featured in various promotional materials, and have helped to establish a strong brand identity and build trust with potential clients. By featuring Angelika in the photos, we were able to create a human connection with the target audience, conveying the professionalism and credibility of the company. The photoshoot has proved to be a successful component of the company’s marketing strategy, attracting new customers and establishing a positive reputation in the industry.

As one of the final elements of the project, I was tasked with taking exterior photos of the short-term rental buildings at various times of day and in different styles. The goal was to showcase the unique architecture and design of each building while also highlighting the surrounding environment. The resulting photos showcase the buildings in a way that captures their distinct character and charm, while also highlighting their accessibility and convenience for potential guests.